There is a need for a radical new approach to tackle social exclusion, including low educational aspiration and achievement, long-term unemployment, low income, financial exclusion, poverty and deprivation, and promote greater independence and well-being in later life.


These transformational activities need to go further upstream and beyond traditional reactive prevention focus interventions at the point of crisis, rather than a proactive one. NLCC members’ agencies agenda is firmly focused on the development of a ‘whole person’ approach, with the identification and provision of timely, additional and holistic wrap-around support to help young people and their families make a successful transition to adulthood and to improve their chances of success in learning, life and work.


We have developed a unified approach that identifies the learning journey and the transition towards independent adulthood as a lifelong learning process rather than a one-off event. Our proactive and assertive outreach programme will seek out these young people in a range of youth settings, make a connection and engage them in the Choices Club personal, social, emotional and character development programme of activities.

Empowered to make informed C.H.O.I.C.E.S

At the end of our programme, participants would have developed their life skills – with increased self-esteem, confidence, self-awareness, and empowered to take the next steps towards active and productive citizenship. Young people will be equipped to make the right C.H.O.I.C.E.S, and be:


Inspired to CHOOSE the right paths leading to success in learning, life and work

Supported to make the essential link between their HEALTH and lifestyle choices to success in later life

Enabled to make the most of their time, talents, OPPORTUNITIES and life's chances to achieve their full potential

Empowered to make the link between their growing INDEPENDENCE to their corresponding personal and social responsibility to self and others

Encouraged to focus on their personal, social, emotional, economic and CHARACTER development

Supported to move into a pathway to sustainable EMPLOYMENT to become active and productive citizens

Trained with the right SKILLS so that they can make informed and well-reasoned decisions and choices about their life in a range of situations.

With links to our further education college network and links with local and national employers, such as Sainsbury’s, the programme has offered young people an attainable progression route into appropriate educational, work-related training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities.

choices for parenthood

Parenting skills and capacity building program

choices for school

Emotional well-being, resilience and transition program

choices for adulthood

Life Skills and holistic youth development program

choices for work

Educational attainment and vocational skills program

choices for business

Entrepreneurship and business skills program

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