The founder of the north London community consortium and west London community consortium cic, as well as the co-founder of Caribbean street food cic, is NIGEAL ANDAL who is a graduate and vibrant member of the Charted Management Institute UK.

As an entrepreneur, he is motivated by ethical and strong social values. Motivated by experiencing injustice personally and working in the community he has developed both hands-on empowering styles as well as the ability to identifying diverse community social needs and as such is able to empathize with the needs of the community and those he engages.

A reflection of this can be seen in the many and diverse projects which he has initiated with the desire to effect positive social change, creating positive citizens and remove the borders and negative effects that lead to marginalised communities.

With 15 years of experience in training young people, project management, team and organisational development, business planning and helping service-based organisations be their best, he now uses his talents to help members of the NLCC build solid foundations, allowing them to focus on their creative dreams to inspire themselves and others to live a better life.


His services include:

·        Coaching

·        Mentoring

·        Training courses (like this e-course)

·        Business Plan writing services

·        Developing tools and templates for the business beginner

·        Corporate consultancy, training, and facilitation services


Anita is the owner of Triple A catering Ltd and Director of Caribbean Street Food CiC.

Ricadro Johnson

Pain Management specialist


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