Our strategic priorities:

With a clear strategic focus on supporting partnerships, innovation, sustainability, scalability and social impact, we are championing the importance of adequately preparing young people with the skills they need to fulfil their maximum potential in life and work.  


Partnership: We are bringing together a grassroots network of like-minded partners who share our vision, aims, objectives, commitment, and passion to raise the aspirations and attainment of young people in transition to adult ways of living.  We are building a dynamic community and grassroots movement involving schools, teachers, students, parents and the wider community working together to get behind young people to support and inspire them to fulfil their maximum potential. 


Innovation: We are harnessing the potential of new technology to ensure that our programs are dynamic, compelling, challenging, active and relevant; promoting extended learning, ICT and enterprise skills. New technology will open new creative ways to improve the interaction between schools, teachers, young people, and parents, and exploited to enhance successful and more efficient delivery of services and products. We recognise the role of technology in the delivery of continuous improvement and efficiency in our business processes and practices. 

Sustainability: We are working to develop our business model so that the organisation is more self-reliant and achieves a reduction on grant dependency. This will be achieved by diversifying income streams and identifying alternative sources of funding to support our long-term viability and sustainable growth. We are developing our online e-shop functionality, have written our fundraising plan and employed a freelance fundraiser to implement it. Combined with the exploration of sponsorship opportunities we hope to generate sufficient revenue to cover the costs of providing our extensive and ambitious program of activities, with surpluses that can be reinvested into the development of our programs of locally designed and funded activities for future years. 

Scaleability: We are working towards a phased expansion of our existing program of activities to maximise their reach and impact particularly across areas and neighborhoods of high deprivation and low aspirations. The development dynamic partnerships and collaborations, the launch of this our enhanced website and e-learning training resource, should provide us significant opportunities to have a national reach and impact, particularly in areas across the country where low aspirations and educational attainment have been identified as a barrier to young achieving their potential.

Social impact: We are focusing on providing additional practical support and guidance to schools, teachers, young people, their families and the wider community to identify and address the root causes of social exclusion, low aspiration, educational attainment and achievement, poverty and social disadvantage, rather than tackling the symptoms. We aim to demonstrate and evidence how our existing programs, resources and approaches can have a positive impact on individuals, families, local communities and the wider society at large, exploring opportunities to share innovation and learning on a national scale.

Working together to achieve together

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